Monday, April 2, 2012

Coraline Birthday gift Box

For my brother's birthday he had on his wish list that he wanted a Coraline doll, Seeing as how I had a week, I was thinking I could make him one. So I searched online and found this blog. I thought long and hard about getting her pattern, but then reminded myself I don't like to use patterns, I decided against it.
But it did inspire me to make a "mini me" doll of him and a collection of objects similarly found in one of the 50 promo boxes mailed out to select bloggers.
So, a die hard Coraline movie theme person would have ordered a not so expensive key on ebay. Seeing as how I only decided what to make him a week before his birthday I didn't have time. So I went to an ACE store and asked if they had a skeleton key, They did have a box full. Note: if it isn't important to you, this works but IF you have the time and tad extra money I suggest the other.I also visited and downloaded some posters and images. Like his name in mice, his face in buttons, and was inspired by this image to make one he can hang on his wall. But ran out of space in my box. Maybe next time. I have some extra buttons that I thought I'd put in a box with some vintage thread and scarf from our grandmothers sewing drawer. I did not have the resources again or time. SO I painted a cereal box. Forgive me brother, please. I'll make a cooler one later. I did custom copy the Other Mother letter for him and slipped it in a paper envelope left over from our daughter's birthday.I made some yummy peanut butter button cookies. The straw part was hard. I eventually had to flip the straw to keep it cutting well. Plus I wasn't fast enough to get through the rack before they started to cool and be harder to punch. I guess fewer cookies on the sheet next time, and several straws.
This little guy is also cute, thought of adding him too, maybe for box #2 I already have brewing in my head.
This gift box was all made by hand and with items found around the house. (We have a lot of unused resources I am all too happy to make a bit more depleted.) The only purchased items was the key and postage. Have fun making your own.


  1. Don't use that Amazon Little Me link, or even get it off eBay. They are way over priced. Buy from
    much more affordable.

  2. You can check out my current Coraline collection here

  3. Love it, what a fun birthday present.