Friday, July 9, 2010

Mulan Costume

I used McCalls pattern M4953(size 7-8) I bought all the polyester fabric on a 60% off sale, the cotton lining I pulled out of the closet. I sandwiched the skirt in the belt. I added some elastic to the belt cause my niece is super skinny.
Just below the waist, about where the pattern says you can shorten it I cut it and added the change in skirting. I lined the sleeves with the same satin to make sure they had some weight but not too much. I wanted the kimono to be long, and drag on the floor a bit like the cartoon. I intended the red and white on the neck line to be in reverse like the movie, but I actually like this best, it shows up less at the bottom and in Japan the part at the neck would be red. Do what you like.
It took me about 5 hours. With borrowed material and fabric on sale it was a great gift under $20.


  1. I'd love to make another one. Better even, we always learn how to do it better the second time around. Email me your measurements and I'll commission you on etsy.

    1. I would love to buy one, UK Size: 6
      How can I order?

    2. Please Email me with any questions about time and scheduling for an order. I'd be happy to work with you.