Monday, April 4, 2011

Space Rocket Birthday Pary!

This is a great Birthday party idea Space Rockets! The invitation created by Jospaperkitchen was a 8.4x3.5 card stock with a little green Rocket that slid on clear thread loop from the top to the bottom, dragged from a tag in the back. I saved, looking for it. Super cool. There are stars and glitter on the cupcakes.

The kids each got a soda bottle jet pack to wear for the party. Super simple to make.

And to top it all off they each took turns setting off a water bottle rocket from a custom home made water pressure launcher. The bottles are filled with water and plopped onto the launcher, the valve is opened for each kid who's turn it was (one at a time). One kid pumped air into the pipes and the other kid pulled the string which released the rocket. Now the one you see here I know was custom made, but I am sure you smart people could either figure it out by looking at it up close or look at some other sites to get some more ideas.

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