Monday, March 19, 2012

Lemon Meringue Birthday!

So our daughter wanted a Lemon Meringue Birthday party! We don't like to disappoint especially when lemons are in season. So here is what we have:
I started with contacting my sister-in-law to design these lovely invitations, cupcake toppers, tags and thank yous.
I then raided my mothers fabric closet and stole all the items to make a party dress. I fabricated it out of my head from the cartoon and from other party dresses that inspire me. I also bought Yellow and white striped leggings.
Then I shopped for party favors. I picked up most of them here and supplemented else where. I also used left over fabric plus some extra I bought to make a banner.
I just had to make things for everyone so I made stiff felt lemon slice hair clips sewed onto bobby pins for the girls and 17" square handkerchiefs for the boys. With left over fabric I made 2 braid headbands and 3 bean bags. Oh, did I forget to tell you the kids are playing bean bag toss? The kids loved the bean bag toss. Yeah more scrap yellow fabric for bean bags. My husband designed and cut out two lemon tree boards to play Bean bag Toss. They were even challenging for the big kids.
I spent an entire morning creating a wall hanging for the party. I glued it to a cardboard back. I pocked wholes in it before I began and strung it with curling ribbon. I used all construction paper I had in a drawer for the kids. I glued it together with wood glue. Forgive me I don't have a hot glue gun. I stapled the outside fans that extended beyond the cardboard. Fun!

For Food I made Lemon Meringue Cupcakes for the kids, I have never made Meringue before, I even practiced the day before. The directions were not clear about where in the oven the meringue needed to be or how long or what over beating looks like. I made Lemon Meringue Pie in a jar for the adults. It was still delicious and it all was eaten. I didn't have jars for all my guests, so I put all the filling in clear 6oz plastic cups and did the meringue in paper cupcake sleves in the cupcake pan. It held its shape nicely after coming out of the oven, after it cooled I unwrapped it and set it on top of the desert. Worked great. Practice before hand. For 40 deserts I used about 12 egg whites.
I also made a Lemon Cake with a sugar frosting, it went fast. I made for the first time these gum drops for the treat bags. A must to make 3-4 days in advance. Of course Lemon Aide to drink.

For the treat bags I picked up yellow and green pencils, kazoos for the boys, crown clips for the girls, a picture of my kids, and pencil sharpeners (My kids gets given so many pencils at parties and no sharpener) and home made candy.

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