Friday, October 26, 2012

Costume Too Small? Make An Alteration

This was a quick fix for a costume that was ordered and turned out to be too small. So sad! So, what do you do when there isn't enough time to send it back? We make an alteration. 

I used the pattern shape above from a formal dress pattern. I then cut two panels out of some black fabric. I went with black because I didn't want to risk getting an orange fabric that did not match perfectly, thus looking obviously altered. I seam ripped the zipper out past the waist, but not completely out.  

I made about 12 loops for each side and sewed them in at the alteration site. Then, I followed the "installing a zipper" instructions to close up the addition. Obviously, I didn't use all the addition. Just enough to make the dress comfortable. Once complete, have the model wear the dress inside out and pin it closed. I left a little room so that when it gets laced up it can still pull in a bit to make it more form fitting. Then finish with  Zipper manufacturing instructions.

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